My best self, the best Earth

We all play a different, but complementary, role when it comes to a better future.

Often times I find myself thinking: "I need to be more of an activist". And by that, I envision a warrior type of person, active in the front lines, having sacrificed their life in order to fight for their cause.

But the truth is, I'm not much of a fighter. It brings me no joy to fight against something.

Yes, I have my believes and I envision a better world. And I am grateful to all the activists out there contributing to a positive change.

But I'm not one of them. I see no benefit in forcing myself to become something I'm not. I think I'm more of a lover instead. It's time I come to terms with that and embrace it.

Think of humanity like being one big body, everyone has a different purpose. Just as the heart pumps the blood, while the lungs supply the body with oxygen. They are both vital organs, and they work together but have different functions.

All of us are needed in order for humanity to function. The world needs all of us, the warriors, the lovers and everybody in between. Not all of us are meant to be fighters.

I feel like I am more of service, to the world and others around me, by accepting myself for who I am instead of wanting to be something I'm not.

I'm no good filling in a role that doesn't suit me. I'm a unpassionate fighter, but I can be an inspired lover and contribute in a different way than a fighter does.

I believe that if we accept ourselves for who we are, we're kinder and gentler. And those around us benefit from it each time we interact with them. We might have the power to make someone's day better. That in itself is already worth something. But if we're lucky it just might start a chain reaction.

If happiness is contagious then can we not spread it and see what kind of place the world becomes?

The world we see is a reflection of all of us. When we feel miserable, we see misery all around us. When we feel angry and scared, we see violence and an unsafe environment. But just as easily, we see a beautiful world when we feel joy and blissful.

I'm no longer pressuring myself into being the warrior I thought I should be. I'm letting myself do what feels natural and act according to my beliefs and what I align with. I can only hope it inspires others to do the same.

I'll focus on what I can do, and let go of what I cannot control. I'll try to be my best self: gentle, kind, tolerant and compassionate.

Minor edit on 2016-12-21

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