Statement of purpose

Hi, I'm Diana and I want to save the world.

As a junior Art Director in the advertising industry, I've worked mainly with fashion brands but my personal values have matured and I didn't want to be part of the problem anymore. I believe companies have a duty to pay fair wages, create a safe work environment and protect the planet. This has led me to a two year professional hiatus, while exploring sustainable practices such as minimalism, veganism, zero waste, permaculture and self-sufficiency.

I believe in the power of leading by example.

As an artist, perception is the central theme in most of my personal work. Its manipulation both by external forces, as in propaganda, and by internal ones, such as the distortion of memory, collectively or individually. Working in advertising, I was awakened to see the manipulated reality, mainly created by capitalism. I want to inspire people to peek behind the curtain. Because real change starts when we all change the way we think and by extension our behaviour. For this we need a deeper understanding of the way the world we live in works and how our choices affect it.

I believe that sustainability integrates the wellbeing of every natural and living thing.

In my opinion, community is a key element to achieve this. A group of likeminded people is more powerful than one individual alone. And of course, mentorship is an important and valuable gift.

Design is a powerful tool. This is why advertising still relies so strongly on it to push its products. What if we apply the principles of advertising and marketing on to activism? That's what I would like to explore.