Artist Statement

Perception is the central theme in most of my work. Whether it is its manipulation by external forces, as in propaganda for example, or by internal ones, such as the distortion of memory, collectively or individually. Having previously worked in the advertising industry, I was awaken to see the manipulated reality, mainly created by capitalism. Inspired by social and sustainability activist groups, through my work, I wish to shine a light on the least travelled path and show what is behind the curtain.

My creative process is akin to a discussion between my conscious and subconscious minds. Our brains process the bulk of information and store it in the subconscious. To work from intuition is to access that information before it reaches our awareness. This allows for a conversation between both minds to develop, in which, upon reflection the symbols begin to become clear in their meaning.

I enjoy experimenting with different media, keeping the overarching concept of perception in focus. I explore its ramifications by mainly playing with: video, photography, graphic design and other digital processes. Over time I've evolved from a more sensory execution to cleaner and more layered projects, in which I appropriate pervasive interactions, such as everyday objects and the digital world.